2006 Andrei's highlights:


  • large tour in Japan (February-March), organised by a prominent esperantist Kazuko Kikushima and the AK-AK (Amikara Klubo de Andrei Korobeinikov - Andrei Korobeinikov's Friends' Club in Japan). Besides 9 public concerts, there were special recitals at the closed hospitals and schools for children and adult persons with mental deseases. Also the whole tour was non-profit, the income from the concerts was also used to support organizations for blind people in Japan. The recital at the Hamarikyu Asahi Hall in Tokyo was recorded and later the "AK-AK" has released a CD, which is also available for purchase.
  • recording of the Elegy for piano & string orchestra by Alla Pavlova with Vladimir Ziva & Tchaikovsky symphony orchestra of the Moscow radio for Naxos.
  • fantastic opportunity to perform a debut recital at the 26th "La Roque d'Anthéron" piano festival, replacing famous pianist Ivo Pogorelich.
  • graduating from the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatoire with the highest possible distinction for the piano solo recital ("5+"). This happened in June 2006, at Andreis age of 19, so he's achieved the same and rare result as 19-year-old Sergei Rachmaninov in 1892.
  • great opportunity to study as a postgraduate student at the Royal College of Music in London (in the class of Prof. Vanessa Latarche), which was made possible by a scholarship given by Gill and Julian Simmonds, won by Andrei in May 2006. Thanks to studying at the RCM in London, Andrei has won several competitions that gave him possibility to perform recitals and concerti in 2007-2008 in England.
  • performances in RUssia, Italy, Japan, Costa Rica, Portugal, France, Germany and Great Britain.






with Mikhail Snitko & Saint-Petersburg Academic Symphony Orchestra

Saint-Petersburg Philharmony, Great Hall

Scriabin - Concerto for piano & orchestra op.20

NB: CD available for purchase; listen here


COMO - 16.01.2006

Sala Carducci

Beethoven, Schubert, Rachmaninov, Scriabin


MOSCOW - 29.01.2006

with Sergei Skripka & Russian State Cinema Symphony Orchestra

Tchaikovsky Concert Hall

Scriabin - Concerto for piano & orchestra op.20





ISAHAYA - 25.02.2006

Beethoven, Liszt, Scriabin


ISAHAYA - 26.02.2006

with Yoshinori Kawachi & Isahaya youth symphony orchestra 

Rachmaninov - Concerto no.2 op.18


KUMAMOTO - 28.02.2006

Schubert, Musorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov





KOCHI - 02.03.2006

solo & also in a duo with S. Wakioka (oboe) and K. Shibamura (tenor)

Schubert, Musorgsky, Rachmaninov; Sinigaglia; Hayashi


MIYAKOJIMA - 05.03.2006

solo & also in a piano duo with the local guests

Schubert, Musorgsky, Rachmaninov; Mozart-Grieg


NAHA - 06.03.2006

solo & also in a trio with K. Yomitanzan (soprano) & H. Yamada (flute) and with the "Liberté Ensemble"

Schubert, Musorgsky, Rachmaninov; Okinawan popular songs;

Bach - Concerto BWV 1056 (performed by piano & string quintet)


YOKOHAMA - 10.03.2006

Minato Mirai Hall, Small Hall

Schubert, Musorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov


TOKYO - 15.03.2006

Hamarikyu Asahi Hall

Schubert, Rachmaninov, Liszt, Scriabin

NB: CD available for purchase


SAN JOSÉ - 23.03.2006

Teatro Nacional

Chopin, Rachmaninov, Scriabin





MOSCOW - 06.04.2006

with Yuri Kochnev and the "Russian Philharmonia" Moscow Symphony Orchestra

Moscow International Performing Arts Centre, Svetlanov Hall

Prokofiev - Concerto no.1 op.10


VLADIMIR - 14.04.2006

with Artyom Markin and Vladimir Governor's Symphony Orchestra

Hall of Classical Music

Shostakovich - Concerto no.1 op.35


MOSCOW - 23.04.2006

within the 7th International "Musical Kremlin" festival

with Constantine Orbelian and Moscow Chamber Orchestra

The Moscow Kremlin's Armoury Chamber

Shostakovich - Concerto no.1 op.35



also in April, May & June:





SINTRA - 23.07.2006

within the 41th "Festival de Sintra"

with John Axelrod and the Gulbenkian Orchestra

Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval

Tchaikovsky - Concerto no.1 op.23


LA ROQUE D'ANTHERON - 28.07.2006

within the 26th piano festival "La Roque d'Antheron"

Parc du Château de Florans

Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Scriabin





FIRENZE - 03.08.2006

within the 90th Universal Esperanto Congress

Palazzo dei Congressi

Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninov & others


ANCONA - 10.08.2006

Museo tattile statale "Omero"

Beethoven, Chopin & Russian composers



also in July & August:





STUTTGART - 13.09.2006

within the "Musik am 13" concert series

Stadtkirche Bad Cannstatt



also in September, October & November:

  • moving to London to study as a postgraduate student at the Royal College of Music thanks to a scholarship given by Gill and Julian Simmonds
  • performance of the Shostakovich's piano concerto no.1 op.35 at Ramenskoye (Russia) with friends from the Moscow Conservatoire
  • first place in the Royal College of Music's concerto competiton, which gave a fantastic opportunity to perform the Rachmaninov's piano concerto no.2 op.18 with Vladimir Ashkenazy in 2007 at the RCM's Concert hall in London
  • victory at the Jaques Samuel annual intercollegiate piano competition, which gave an opportunity to perform a solo recital at the Wigmore hall in London in October 2007





MOSCOW - 21.12.2006

Moscow Composer's House, Great Hall

Debussy, Musorgsky, Beethoven, Scriabin


KURSK - 25.12.2006

Kursk State University, Assembly Hall

Rachmaninov, Scriabin, Shostakovich, Sviridov


also in December: