2009 Andrei's highlights:

  • fantastic chances to collaborate with such musicians as conductors Maxim Shostakovich, Benjamin Ellin, Taijiro Iimori, Olari Elts, Dmitri Liss, Mark Gorenstein, trumpeter Sergei Nakariakov.
  • performances with London Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Ensemble Orchestral de Paris, "Sinfonia Varsovia", Russian State Symphony Orchestra (Svetlanov Symphony Orchestra), National Philharmonic of Russia, Ural Philharmonic Orchestra, Moscow Symphony Orchestra and other orchestras.
  • debut performances at the Suntory Hall in Tokyo and at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris.
  • concerts in France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Russia, Austria, Italy, Japan and Spain.





LAVAL - 23.01.2009

within the "Folle journée - région des Pays de la Loire" festival




SAUMUR - 24.01.2009

within the "Folle journée - région des Pays de la Loire" festival

Salle Beaurepaire



FONTENAY-LE-COMTE - 25.01.2009

within the "Folle journée - région des Pays de la Loire" festival

Théâtre Municipal



NANTES - 30.01.2009

within the festival "La Folle Journée" 

Cité Internationale des Congrès






NANTES - 01.02.2009

within the festival "La Folle Journée"

Cité Internationale des Congrès



ROUGEMONT - 03.02.2009

within the festival "Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad"


Bach, Bach-Busoni, Beethoven


EASTBOURNE - 08.02.2009

with Nicholas Milton & London Philharmonic Orchestra

Congress Theatre

Rachmaninov - Concerto no.2 op.18

thanks to Gill and Julian Simmonds' enormous support


MOSCOW - 12.02.2009

Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire

Debussy - 24 Preludes





GRAZ - 02-03.03.2009

with Dmitri Liss & Ural Philharmonic Orchestra


Tchaikovsky - Concerto no.1 op.23



Saint-Petersburg Philharmony, Great Hall

Scriabin, Beethoven


TURIN - 21.03.2009

Teatro Piccolo Regio Puccini

Bach-Busoni, Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Scriabin


TRIESTE - 22.03.2009

Sala Beethoven

Bach, Bach-Busoni, Beethoven


ANCONA - 25.03.2009

Aula Magna di Ateneo

Bach-Busoni, Beethoven, Scriabin





MOSCOW - 03.04.2009

with Mark Gorenstein & Russian State Symphony Orchestra (Svetlanov symphony orchestra)

Tchaikovsky Concert Hall

Rachmaninov - Concerto no.3 op.30


MOSCOW - 22.04.2009

Moscow Composers' House, Great Hall



KURSK - 25.04.2009

Kursk State University, Assembly Hall

Bach-Busoni, Bach-Kempff, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Shostakovich





KANAZAWA - 03.05.2009

within the festival "La Folle Journée de Kanazawa"

solo & with "Verus" string trio

Hougaku Hall



TOKYO - 04-05.05.2009

within the festival "La Folle Journée au Japon"

Tokyo International Forum

Bach, Bach-Busoni


TOKYO - 08.05.2009

with Taijiro Iimori & Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Suntory Hall

Grieg - Concerto for piano & orchestra op.16


TOKYO - 10.05.2009

with Taijiro Iimori & Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Bunkamura Orchard Hall

Tchaikovsky - Concerto no.1 op.23


TOKYO - 14.05.2009

Oji Hall

Beethoven, Shostakovich





NOHANT - 18.07.2009

within the 13th festival "Rencontres Internationales Frédéric Chopin"


Chopin, Scriabin, Rachmaninov


LA ROQUE D'ANTHÉRON - 24.07.2009

within the 29th piano festival "La Roque d'Anthéron"

with Dmitri Liss & Orchestre National d'Île de France

Parc du Château de Florans

Tchaikovsky - Concerto no.1 op.23





LA ROQUE D'ANTHÉRON - 14.08.2009

within the 29th piano festival "La Roque d'Anthéron"

Parc du Château de Florans



MENTON - 16.08.2009

within the 60th "Festival de Musique de Menton"

with Maxim Shostakovich, Sergei Nakariakov (trumpet) & "Sinfonia Varsovia" orchestra

Parvis de la Basilique Saint Michel Archange

Shostakovich - Concerto no.1 op.35


MOZZHINKA - 26.08.2009

solo & with Sergei Poltavskiy (viola)

House of Scientists

Beethoven; Hindemith





MOSCOW - 07.09.2009

with Benjamin Ellin & the National Philharmonic of Russia

Moscow International Performing Arts Centre, Svetlanov Hall

Chopin - Concerto no.1 op.11


ZVENIGOROD - 21.09.2009

with Anton Lubchenko, Sergei Strishchenko (trumpet) & "Novaya Rossiya" state symphony orchestra

Lyubov Orlova cultural centre

Shostakovich - Concerto no.1 op.35





BELGOROD - 01.10.2009

with Rashit Nigamatullin & Belgorod Philharmonic Orchestra

Oval Hall

Scriabin - Concerto for piano & orchestra op.20



Saint-Petersburg Philharmony, Small Hall

Schubert, Shostakovich


SAMARA - 17.10.2009

with Mikhail Shcherbakov & Samara Philharmonic Orchestra


Tchaikovsky - Concerto no.1 op.23


OBNINSK - 24.10.2009

House of Scientists

Chopin, Debussy





VALENCIA - 09.11.2009

Palau de la Música, Sala José Iturbi

Chopin, Debussy


SÈTE - 10.11.2009

Théâtre Molière

Chopin, Debussy


PARIS - 17.11.2009

with Alexander Paley (piano);

with Olari EltsEnsemble Orchestral de Paris

Théâtre des Champs-Élysées

Brahms - Variations on a theme by Haydn op.56b

Haydn - Concerto no.11 (Hob. XVIII)






with Alexander Skulsky & Nizhniy Novgorod Philharmonic Orchestra

Kremlin Concert Hall

Bach - Concerto BWV 1052

Mozart - Concerto K 488

Rachmaninov - Concerto no.2 op.18


MOSCOW - 10.12.2009

with Vladimir Ziva & Moscow Symphony Orchestra

Moscow International Performing Arts Centre, Svetlanov Hall

Rachmaninov - Rhapsody on a theme by Paganini op.43


MOSCOW - 13.12.2009

with Anatoly Levin & Moscow Conservatoire student orchestra

Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire

Prokofiev - Concerto no.1 op.10


MOSCOW - 31.12.2009

solo & also with Yana Ivanilova (soprano) and Alexei Mikhailenko (clarinet)

"School of Dramatic Art" Theatre

Schubert, Liszt;

Schubert, Bellini, Donizetti, Glinka, Verdi