Solo repertoire

PURCELL Henry (1659-1695)

Suite Z 661 in G minor

set of individual keyboard pieces

BACH Johann-Sebastian (1685-1750)

English Suite no.3 BWV 808 in G minor

Partita no.1 BWV 825 in B flat major

Partita no.5 BWV 829 in G major

Partita no.6 BWV 830 in E minor

Italian Concerto BWV 971

set of Preludes & Fugues from "Das Wohltemperierte Klavier"

HAYDN Franz Joseph (1732-1809)

Sonata Hob.XVI: 49 in E flat major

Andante con variazioni Hob.XVII: 6 in F minor

MOZART Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)

Sonata KV 310 in A minor

Sonata KV 331 in A major

Sonata KV 545 in C major

Fantasia KV 396 in C minor

Fantasia KV 397 in D minor

Fantasia KV 475 in C minor

Rondo KV 511 in A minor

van BEETHOVEN Ludwig (1770-1827)

Sonata no.1 op.2-1

Sonata no.4 op.7

Sonata no.8 op.13

Sonata no.14 op.27-2

Sonata no.17 op.31-2

Sonata no.20 op.49-2

Sonata no.23 op.57

Sonata no.24 op.78

Sonata no.26 op.81a

Sonata no.27 op.90

Sonata no.28 op.101

Sonata no.29 op.106

Sonata no.30 op.109

Sonata no.32 op.111

33 Variations on a Waltz by A. Diabelli op.120

6 Variations on an original theme op.76

9 Variations WoO 69 on "Quant'è più bello" from Paisiello's "La Molinara"

8 Variations WoO 72 on "Une fièvre brûlante" from Grétry's "Richard Coeur-de-lion"

7 Bagatelles op.33

11 Bagatelles op.119

6 Bagatelles op.126

"Für Elise" WoO 59

Fantasia op.77

Polonaise op.89

Andante favori WoO 57

2 Rondos op.51

Rondo à Capriccio op.129

6 Écossaises WoO 83

SCHUBERT Franz (1797-1828)

Sonata D 960

Fantasie D 760

4 Impromptus D 935

3 Klavierstücke D 946

3 Moments musicaux D 780 (no.3, 4, 6)

12 Ländlers D 145

12 Ländlers D 790

Ländler D 366 no.1

GLINKA Mikhail Ivanovich (1804-1857)

set of individual pieces

CHOPIN Fryderyk (1810-1849)

Sonata no.2 op.35

Sonata no.3 op.58

Ballade no.1 op.23

Ballade no.4 op.52

Berceuse op.57

Barcarolle op.60

Fantaisie-Impromptu op.66

Fantaisie op.49

Scherzo no.1 op.20

Scherzo no.2 op.31

set of Mazurkas from opuses 6, 7, 17, 24, 30, 33, 59, KK IIb

set of Nocturnes from opuses 9, 15, 32, 37, 48

Polonaise op.40 no.2

Polonaise op.53

set of Waltzes from opuses 18, 34, 64, KK IVa

SCHUMANN Robert (1810-1856)

Variations on the name "ABEGG" op.1

Fantasiestücke op.12

Kinderszenen op.15

Fantasie op.17

Waldszenen op.82

Etudes in a form of Variations on a theme by Beethoven (1831-1835)

LISZT Ferenc (1811-1886)

Années de pèlerinage: Italie (complete; without supplement)

Mephisto-Waltz no.1

Paraphrase on Verdi's "Rigoletto"

6 Consolations

Valse oubliée no.1

Etudes "La Campanella", "Mazeppa"

set of Schubert's Lieder transcriptions

BRAHMS Johannes (1833-1897)

Sonata no.1 op.1

Variations and a Fugue on a theme by Händel op.24

8 pieces op.76

3 Intermezzi op.117

BORODIN Alexander Porfirievich (1833-1887)

Petite Suite

BALAKIREV Miliy Alexeyevich (1837-1910)


MUSORGSKY Modest Petrovich (1839-1881)

"Pictures from an exhibition"

set of individual piano pieces

"Songs and Dances of the Death" (my own transcription)

"Gopak" in F sharp minor (my own transcription)

TCHAIKOVSKY Piotr Ilyich (1840-1893)

The Seasons op.37bis

"Dumka" op.59

set of individual piano pieces from opuses 1, 5, 10, 40

Children's Album op.39

GRIEG Edvard (1843-1907)

Ballade op.24

set of individual pieces

RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Nikolay Andreevich (1844-1908)

set of individual piano pieces

DEBUSSY Claude (1862-1918)

Preludes (2 books complete)

Suite Bergamasque

2 Arabesques

Children's Corner

Hommage à Joseph Haydn

6 Épigraphes antiques (composer's version for solo piano)

SIBELIUS Jean (1865-1957)

5 pieces op.75 ("The Trees")

BUSONI Ferruccio (1866-1924)

Chaconne in D minor (after J.-S. Bach)

set of transcriptions of J.-S. Bach's Orgelchoralvorspiele

JOPLIN Scott (ca.1867/1868-1917)

set of Ragtimes

SCRIABIN Alexander Nikolayevich (1872-1915)

Sonata-Fantasy no.2 op.19

Sonata no.3 op.23

Sonata no.4 op.30

Sonata no.5 op.53

Sonata no.7 op.64

Sonata no.8 op.66

Sonata no.9 op.68

Etude op.2 no.1

12 Etudes op.8

8 Etudes op.42

2 Etudes op.49 no.1 & op.56 no.4

3 Etudes op.65

"Vers la Flamme" op.72

Fantasy op.28

9 Mazurkas op.25

2 Impromptus à la Mazur op.7

2 Poèmes op.32

2 Poèmes op.69

2 Poèmes op.71

2 Dances op.73

RACHMANINOV Sergey Vasilievich (1873-1943)

Sonata no.2 op.36 (2nd version)

10 Preludes op.23

Morceaux de fantaisie op.3

Variations on a theme by Chopin op.22

Variations on a theme by Corelli op.42

set of Preludes from opus 32

set of Etudes-Tableaux from opuses 33 & 39

6 Moments musicaux op.16

SCHÖNBERG Arnold (1874-1951)

3 pieces op.11

6 kleine klavierstücke op.19

5 pieces op.23

Suite op.25

IVES Charles (1874-1954)

Varied Air and Variations

Etude no.22

The Anti-Abolitionist Riots in the 1830's and 1840's

BORTKIEWICZ Sergey Eduardovich (1877-1952)

Etude op.15 no.9 in F sharp minor

MEDTNER Nikolay Karlovich (1880-1951)

Sonata-reminiscenza op.38 no.1

Canzona-Serenata op.38 no.6

BARTÓK Béla (1881-1945)

Sonata BB 80

PROKOFIEV Sergey Sergeyevich (1891-1953)

Sonata no.2 op.14

Sonata no.3 op.28

Sonata no.8 op.84

Sonata no.9 op.103

Toccata op.11

Sarcasms op.17

Etudes op.2

HINDEMITH Paul (1895-1963)

"Ludus Tonalis"

GERSHWIN George (1898-1937)

3 Preludes (1926)

SHOSTAKOVICH Dmitriy Dmitriyevich (1906-1975)

24 Preludes op.34

Sonata no.1 op.12

Sonata no.2 op.61

set of Preludes & Fugues op.87

Aphorisms op.13

MAKAROV-RAKITIN Konstantin Dmitriyevich (1912-1941)

Juvenile Suite

CAGE John (1912-1992)


MELIKIAN Grachik Spiridonovich (1913-1941)

3 Preludes

SVIRIDOV Georgiy Vasiliyevich (1915-1998)

Partita in F minor

"Valse" from the music for the Pushkin's "Snowstorm"

SHCHEDRIN Rodion Konstantinovich (b. 1932)

set of pieces from "Album for the youth"

Prelude & Fugue in G flat major

JARRETT Keith (b. 1945)

The Köln Concert

FRANKSTEIN Boris Semyonovich (b. 1949)

"Poème" & "To Icarus"

"Gretchen at a typewriter"

set of individual pieces

ELLIN Benjamin (b. 1980)


SHMURAK Alexey (b. 1986)

"The Foam"

KOROBEINIKOV Andrei (b. 1986)

A Verse

I love the Silence

Chamber repertoire


Piano quartet KV 493

Quintet for piano & winds KV 452

Violin sonata KV 301

Violin sonata KV 304

set of Lieder


Complete violin sonatas

Complete cello sonatas (except for no.1)

Piano trio op.70 no.1

Piano trio (Allegretto) WoO 39

Trio for piano, flute & bassoon WoO 37

Trio for piano, clarinet & cello op.11

Trio for piano, clarinet & cello op.38

Quintet for piano & winds op.16

set of Variations for piano & flute (or violin) from opuses 105 & 107

12 Variations WoO 45 for cello & piano on the "See the conqu'ring hero comes" from Händel's "Judas Maccabaeus"

7 Variations WoO 46 for cello & piano on the "Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen" from Mozart's "Die Zauberflöte"

set of Lieder


Piano trio D 898

Piano trio D 929

Sonata for arpeggione & piano D 821

Sonata ("Duo") for violin & piano D 574

Sonatina for violin & piano D 384

Sonatina for violin & piano D 385

Fantasia for violin & piano D 934

Rondo for violin & piano D 895

"Schwanengesang" D 957 (complete)

"Die schöne Müllerin" D 795 (complete)

set of other Lieder

Fantasia for piano (4-hands) D 940


set of songs


Piano quartet op.1


Sonata for cello & piano op.65

Polonaise brillante for cello & piano op.3

set of Lieder


"Frauenliebe und leben"  op.42

set of Lieder

Violin sonata no.1 op.105


set of Lieder


Violin sonata


set of songs


Piano trio no.1 op.8 (revised version)

Piano trio no.2 op.87

Piano quartet no.1 op.25

Piano quartet no.2 op.26

Piano quartet no.3 op.60

Piano quintet op.34

Violin sonata no.2 op.100

Violin sonata no.3 op.108

Cello sonata no.1 op.38

Cello sonata no.2 op.99

Violin sonata no.1 op.78 in D major (arr. for cello & piano)

Clarinet (viola) sonata op.120 no.1

Clarinet (viola) sonata op.120 no.2

4 Ernste Gesange op.121

set of Lieder and vocal duets

Variations on a theme by Haydn for 2 pianos op.56b

Scherzo from the "F-A-E" Sonata for violin and piano


set of songs


"Songs and Dances of the Death"

set of songs


Piano trio op.50

"Souvenir d'un lieu cher" op.42

set of romances

set of individual instrumental pieces


Violin sonata no.2 op.13

Violin sonata no.3 op.45

set of Lieder


set of romances


Élégie op.24 for cello & piano


Violin sonata


Concerto for violin, piano & string quartet op.21


Violin sonata op.82


Italienisches Liederbuch

set of other Lieder


Piano quartet


Cello sonata

Violin sonata

6 Épigraphes antiques for piano (4-hands)

set of Lieder


Piano quartet op.13

set of Lieder


set of songs


Suite for 2 pianos no.1 op.5

Cello sonata op.19

Trio Elegiaque no.1 in G minor

Trio Elegiaque no.2 in D minor op.9

6 Romances op.38

set of romances


3 Lieder op.48


Violin sonata


set of romances


Piano quintet BB 33

Violin Rhapsody no.1

Romanian Folk Dances for violin & piano


Divertimeto for violin & piano

set of songs & romances


Violin sonata no.1 op.80

Violin sonata no.2 op.94

Cello sonata op.119

5 Poems by Akhmatova op.27


"Scaramouche" for 2 pianos op.165b


Viola Sonata op.11 no.4

Double Bass Sonata (1949)


"La courte paille"


4 Walt Whitman Songs


4 Songs on Poems by Gerald Manley Hopkins


Piano quintet op.57

Piano trio no.2 op.67

Cello sonata op.40

Suite for 2 pianos op.6

Concertino for 2 pianos op.94

9th Symphony op.70 (arr. for piano 4-hands by the author)

"From Jewish folk poetry" op.79

"The little Antiformalist Paradise"

"Satires" op.109

6 Poems by Tsvetaeva op.143

Suite on verses by Michelangelo Buonarroti op.145


Grave for cello & piano


Cello sonata op.65

"Cabaret songs"

set of French folksongs


Piano quintet op.18


Violin sonata no.1

Violin sonata no.2 "Quasi una Sonata"


"Mirror in Mirror" for violin & piano

"Fratres" for violin & piano


Postlude no.3 for cello & piano


set of Lieder


set of Lieder